Bad Leadership Characteristics

1. Poor leadership felt the need to master all the services.

When leaders feel that all programs in the church need their approval, they have an unhealthy sense of leadership, the church and Christ himself. This kind of Christian leaders act as if Christ were on vacation and have a responsibility to them because they have special abilities. However, Christian leaders do not always know what is best for the church and they do not necessarily know. As leaders they should help the people of God relate to the Head and follow His leading because our Father knows best.

2. Poor leadership needs to filter out the voice of God.

Often times, Christian leaders believe that other Christians are not able to understand God’s word correctly. Therefore, they become translators of God, declare what God wanted to say, as if God does not understand the language, context, and the challenges we face. Even if these leaders believe that God can explain Himself well enough, they still think that most Christians do not really understand the word of God without the help and expertise of the leader.

3. Poor leadership promoting top-class Christianity.

During the nearly two thousand years, Christianity has been hit by an evil doctrine that has damaged the entire existence of the church and church deeds in this world. This doctrine is the doctrine of the separation between the clergy and laity. In spite of the reforms and the emergence of the priesthood of all believers, who delivered pleh Protestants, we still receive two classes of Christians dakam Kingdom of God, and this is wrong.
Professional Christian leaders have a personal interest to continue this perception rather than change it. When a commitment to follow Christ and bring about change, he was usually challenged to do it professionally and do it as “the laity”. This pattern continued distinction of class and seems to cause all the other Christians were less committed. Unfortunately, the lay leaders are often seen as agents of change is less potential in this world.

4. Poor leadership emphasizes knowledge with menngorbankan obedience.

When leaders believe that their role is as a teacher and protector of the word of God, the church is more than an academic institution into a spiritual family that runs the mission. The emphasis on knowledge creating a false set of values ​​that destroy the church and also the image of Christ in this world. When we mess up the knowledge and maturity, we allow the congregation to receive a lot of teaching without the responsibility to comply. The result is congregations that are less mature. Nothing more than that. We can teach every day that obedience is important. However, teaching is not the same as obedience obedience itself. In fact one could question whether you really understand something so you put it into practice. So, even on our existing knowledge is questionable if we do not practice what we have learned.


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